Basic Install

Installation is very easy for most users, simply call:

pip install astrophot

If PyTorch gives you trouble, just follow the instructions on the pytorch website which will provide a command to copy into the terminal for very easy setup.


These should automatically be installed along with AstroPhot:

numpy, scipy, matplotlib, astropy, torch, requests, tqdm

If you have difficulty running AstroPhot, it is possible that one of these dependencies is not in its latest (Python3) version and you should try updating.

Developer Install

If you wish to help develop AstroPhot, thank you! You can get started by forking the repository then cloning it to your device:

git clone

Then you can locally install the code using:

pip install -e .

which will make the install editable so as you make changes it will update AstroPhot. Just note that you will need to re-import astrophot for changes to take effect. For further instructions about helping with AstroPhot development see Contributing.


For any install issues contact for help. The code has been unit tested on Linux, Windows, and Mac machines.