Here we list issues that other users have encountered, and how to solve them!

**If you encounter a new issue please make an “Issue” on the GitHub so

I can fix it!** GitHub Issues

Jupyter notebook kernel died

If you repeatedly get a Kernel Restarting message on your jupyter notebook with something like:

The kernel for NOTEBOOK.ipynb appears to have died. It will restart automatically.

Then the issue might be how PyTorch and Jupyter talk to each other. This is a known problem that can occur (for example see here). The solution that works for most people is to just re-install PyTorch and possible torchvision as well.

My images look mirrored

If you load a target image into AstroPhot and then try to plot it using one of the built-in plotting routines, you may notice that the image is flipped horizontally. This is likely because your pixelscale matrix has negative values such as:

[[-1, 0]
 [ 0, 1]]

This is totally normal, it comes from the fact that RA is defined as positive to the east (left side of a typical image). Most astrophot plotting routines that may be affected by this have an argument to fix it, just set: flipx = True in the plotting function and you should be good to go! Otherwise you can do it manually in matplotlib with ax.invert_xaxis().

My object/images aren’t where they should be

If you objects aren’t where they should be in an image, or your images aren’t aligning properly, its possible that your coordinate system is misspecified. Please read the Coordinates documentation to get some clarity on how AstroPhot handles coordinates. If that doesn’t work, contact me!