If you use AstroPhot for a project that leads to a publication, whether directly or as a dependency of another package, please include an acknowledgment and/or citation.

Getting Started

AstroPhot is a fast, flexible, and automated astronomical image modelling tool for precise parallel multi-wavelength photometry. Its pythonic design allows for fast startup and provides flexibility to explore new ideas and support advanced users. It was written by Connor Stone .

This documentation is a work in progress, further updates will come.

User Documentation

This documentation includes all functions available in the AstroPhot package. For now it is somewhat scattered, the best way to navigate it is to search for the kind of function or model you are looking for. Further organization will come with future updates.


Like much astronomy software, AstroPhot is an evolving package. I try to keep the API stable and consistent, however I will make changes to the interface if it considerably improves things going forward. Please contact if you experience issues. If you would like to be notified of major changes send an email with the subject line “ASTROPHOT MAILING LIST”.